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Three Ways You Can Personally Sway Elections In Favor Of Your Candidate(s)

By Chris B. Bennett, The Seattle Medium

The upcoming 2020 election is considered by many to be the most pivotal election of our lifetime. From a national perspective there are many things to consider when deciding who to support for president, including handling of the coronavirus moving forward, employment, and the supreme court to name a few.

History could be made if Sen. Kamala Harris is elected as the first woman Vice President of the United State, but we also could make history right here in Washington state as we have an opportunity to elect the First Black woman from the state of Washington to Congress. We also have an opportunity to elect eleven (11) African Americans to the state house, including T’wina Nobles who could be come the only African American member of the State Senate.

From both a national and local perspective, I’m very excited to see so many African Americans participating in early voting and others who are eagerly awaiting their ballots. While this is a very positive step for us as African Americans, I must note that this election is so critical to the plight of our community that it is imperative that all of us not only vote, but become voting advocates during this election. It is one thing to vote, its another thing to influence the outcome of an election by actively mobilizing people in your personal sphere of influence.

The outcome of many elections is decided by a handful of votes that are cast district to district. How many times have you seen a person win an election by less than 5,000 votes? It happens all the time, especially in cities where the population exceeds 500,000. This means that the outcome of the election could have changed considerably if at least 100 additional people had voted in 50 precincts.

That leads me into this. In many races you, as an individual, have the ability to sway the election in favor of your candidate(s) of choice. And here are three ways to do so:

• Make sure that everyone in your family votes for the candidate. Your vote alone is important but we can’t afford to keep votes on the streets and not have them counted at the polls.

• Make a donation in any amount, if you can, because it costs money to mail campaign flyers, buy ad space, make yard signs/campaign literature, etc. We can’t continue to allow people with money to buy elections to support the status quo.

• Call (don’t tweet, text or post on FB) 25 people and ask them to vote for your candidate of choice and ask them to pay it forward by calling 10 additional people that they know and ask them to support your candidate as well.

By following this plan, you can personally influence over 250 votes. If ten people take the same course of action, together they can influence 2,500 votes, and if 100 people take this course of action, I know a few sororities/fraternities and other social groups with larger memberships than that, they can collectively influence over 25,000 votes. Don’t wake up after the election to find out that your candidate(s) of choice lost by less than 5,000 votes or even 10,000. Contact five people a day for the next few days and make sure that they have either voted or are ready to vote and encourage them to party at the polls with their friends and family because their votes will create a new day and a great reason to celebrate.

I’m posting this as an educational/informational post for those who are not heavily involved in politics and the political process.

Through the eyes of an ink barrel, may peace be unto you!

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