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Do You Feel Like Celebrities/Athletes Should Bear Responsibility As Role Models?


I mean in a way, the youth look up to them as role models in many ways, especially if they themselves are aspiring to be one in the future so it’s important that they act accordingly. I mean if something goes wrong and the celebrity/athlete had been in a situation where they had to voice their opinion, that’s definitely in their right.


At that level it’s a job requirement. We just have to hope they set positive examples. Sometimes you see celebrities make bad decisions or choices and whether they want it or not eyes and ears are on them 24/7 especially in today’s social media. And especially kids and young people.


The short answer is no, but it’s more complicated than that. I believe that athletes/ celebrities receive more shine than they necessarily deserve; they are regular human beings like you and me, but they’re also in a very select and privileged “club” so to say in our society. I don’t think we should be going to them with questions that don’t necessarily concern them, if they take the initiative to talk about topics that are important to society, then I believe that’s a good way to gauge their interest in the subject, as well as if the answer they give shows that they have researched the topic and have been able to form their own opinion. It’s hard because these people that we idolize so much, may very well have a different view on an important subject than what we think they might say, and that’s where it gets dangerous. We can’t discredit someone’s opinion just because they don’t agree with how we as individuals view the same subject (unless it’s stupid I.e. anti vaccine conspiracy theories, human rights, etc.) Charles Barkley said it best, “whatever you do, don’t meet your role models”. I understand why asking celebrities/ athletes these questions on topics that affect all of society is a thing, they have widespread influence after all, but we shouldn’t have to take what their opinion is so seriously.


I hope so! Whether they do or not their presence and words affect a lot of people whether they are aware of it or not.


I think for athletes and entertainers become aware of that responsibility. I think it comes with the maturity. Most athletes and entertainers start young and aren’t aware of that responsibility. So, it comes with maturity.


That to me is a personal choice for people who reach a state of being seen as a role model. I would imagine some take on that mantle and some could care less if they’re influencing people or not.


I do not believe that celebrities and athletes should have to bear the responsibility of being a role model. However they receive a lot of attention via the media. Thus indirectly influencing a child who looks up to them not just as a celebrity or athlete but as a person. Then whomever the famous person is they are expected by society to be a role model for the people looking up to them. This isn’t fair to someone who is just living there life and doing their job. This also means that once you become famous enough to have people be influenced by your abilities or talents you can no longer have a private life. Which is why I believe that athletes and celebrities should not have to bear the responsibility of being a role model.

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