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Hair Conversation

By Jamie Elmore

Jamie Elmore

Magazines, society, television and the music industry put so much emphasis on hair. How long it should be, the color and the style you should wear. Our little girls and our women compare, compete and criticize each other about their hair. The internal comments that we make about ourselves and to one another saddens me. We put too much pressure on what we think beauty looks like.

How we personally feel about the God given hair that is on or head! My hair is nappy, your hair is too straight, and your hair is too curly! We are never satisfied! We weave our hair, we braid our hair, and we cut our hair! We simply change it up! I’m a fan of accessorizing and switching up! In reality that is the most exciting and creative aspect when it comes to how an individual chooses to style or wear their hair. The choice is yours! Just do you!

There are so many definitions or descriptive names for hair. Tresses, manes, locks coiffure whatever we choose to call it.

There is another world or community of people that are suffering from hair-loss. As a hairstylist and a woman living with hair loss (alopecia), I hear the complaints and dissatisfaction about hair on a regular basis. I understand we want the latest style, cut and color.

I also work with a constellation of people that wish they simply had hair on their head. They wish they could just run their hands and fingers through their hair. They wish they could stand in the shower and feel the water move threw out their scalp and flood their hair shaft to the point of water running down their face. The task of picking up a towel and patting their hair dry would be the icing on the cake. The things we can take for granted as a person not dealing with hair loss.

Hair loss does not discriminate. It does not care about your age, gender or ethnicity. It can intrude into your life at any time and catch you by surprise! There are various reasons why a person’s hair can fall out and or their hair can become very thin. It can be hereditary, medication, poor diet, hairstyles, hair products, poor hair maintenance or a hair loss medical condition. No matter the reason behind losing your hair it can be devastating!

There are many components that make up hair structure to make it the fastest growing tissue in the body. Hair can be found on many parts of the body the most evident being the hair on one’s head.

Hair shaft damage can cause hair loss and other hair issues. It’s important to pay attention to any changes in the density of your hair or simply how thin or thick they are collectively. Hair density refers the number of strands on your head, so your density can be measured by counting the number of hairs found in one square-inch of your scalp. On average, each person has approximately 2, 200 strands of her per square inch on their scalp. The number of hair follicles in a specific area of your hair, example say a 1-inch area, determines your hair’s density.

I just encourage you to pay attention to the changes that may occur with your hair. Of course with age and the natural changes that take place in our bodies sometimes hair loss just happens. There is always a root to the problem. Don’t panic or be alarmed just have it checked out first by your hairstylist and hopefully they can refer you to a Trichologist — someone who is a hair and scalp specialists — who can diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs; diseases of the scalp and treat according to the cause. You are more than your hair!

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