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Wednesday, June 29, 2022



Think hard about the nontraditional ideas that you have been percolating. Speak up. There are others that may be thinking the same thing but don’t have the same courage to say. You have more in common with the people you work with than you think. There is strength in numbers. Soul Affirmation: I let my friendships guide my way.


Others need you. Be a great listener this week. Teach but don’t preach. Family members need a vision of the big picture. That’s easy for you to give but use charm to give it.  Be a cheer-giver. Expect nothing in return. Soul Affirmation: When I give thanks for what I have, I lose all sense of what is missing.


It is amazing how a big hearted person like you can button down to the detailed work when you’ve got the big picture still projecting over and over in your mind. Both the big picture and the details are important to you this week. Concentrate on both at the same time. Soul Affirmation: Cooperation with others is the key to success for me this week.


Love is always a learning experience but this week think back over past love affairs and be sensitive to the fact that there is a special truth you can discern. What you know about love can be used on someone rich and powerful this week. Matters of the heart and matters of the mind harmonize. Soul Affirmation: I exercise to lower tension this week.


Thinking about what to do about your irritable lover? Make appointments that will create distance between you and those you are close to especially your sweetheart. Let anyone who wishes to fret be by his or herself. Spend time with yourself and find pleasant things to occupy your mind until this week passes. Soul Affirmation: I love pressure as a test of how much I can master.


Take some time off for family matters. Work has occupied too much of your attention. Family matters are not most in need of your attention. Your attention is most in need of a focus on the emotional attachments that family relationships involve. Soul Affirmation: The enjoyment of good food is high on my agenda this week.


Use a more diplomatic approach when you when make constructive comments to others. Your candid attitude is appreciated but diplomacy will be the key to ironing out the wrinkles in a delicate situation. Your financial woes that have been preoccupying your mind will soon be over. Feel good about the progress you’ve already made. Soul Affirmation: True friendship is a mirror into which I look to see the beauty of my inner self.


Self-pity is not your style. It saps your energy and makes it hard for you to rise above whatever it is that has been bothering you. Do the usual: consider the unfortunate situation that arises this week as a learning opportunity? Learn well and move out into a brighter psychological space. Soul Affirmation: With a positive spirit I co-create my week.


It’s time to let co-workers and bosses see your astounding ability to organize tasks and get a lot of things done with style and grace. You can dazzle colleagues this week because things will fall into place easily for you. Use your ease to do something important. Soul Affirmation: I become transparent. I let others see into my thoughts.


Voice your desires to the universe this week! Articulate your thoughts through a song a poem a sonnet! You will cause a stir of stimulation and hope for those around you. Find a place of solace where you can meditate and be in harmony with your true self. Soul Affirmation: I remain adaptable so I can deal with changing circumstances.


It’s a great week to tell somebody you are close to that you love them. Saying it aloud gives you energy and of course your designated adoree will be delighted! Keep the big picture in mind this week and you’ll feel completely buoyant! Soul Affirmation: Charm is my middle name this week.

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