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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Introducing Jamie’s Chair

Jamie Elmore
Jamie Elmore

By Jamie Elmore

I have been a licensed hairstylist for 25 years. It was my childhood dream to open my own hair salon. I wanted to be different and not have the reputation of most hair stylist: gossiping, having clients who are nervously waiting to get their hair down like sitting in a assembly line. My goal was to be the “go to” salon where anyone can come in and feel totally at home. I want to provide a welcoming, positive and relaxing environment with excellent customer service.

Hundreds of people have sat in my chair over the years. Clients have shared there deepest darkest secrets, hurts and dreams. Over the years, I have had all types of conversations with my clients, from politics, finances, relationships, health and wellness and so much more. Some just needed an ear to listen, some needed advice, some just need someone to talk to about what is happening in their lives, but most of the time they just needed a friend. A friend who they can talk to, bond with and trust with mutual affection. I understand that I have a responsibility as well with the information they entrust with me. I learned a lot and found that my job is serious and more than just being a hairstylist!

Knowing that, I began to write, not about what people told me in confidence but I wanted to write about what needs to be shared and what needed to be heard. So here I am and I have the honor of being one of the columnist for the Seattle Medium newspaper. My section will be called Jamie’s Chair. I will start off by sharing my personal journey with hair loss, so stay tuned. You will be empowered and will learn a lot about Jamie’s Chair and the world behind it.

Jamie Elmore is licensed hairstylist and the founder of the Alopecia Support Group, which helps empower, support and encourage individuals living with Alopecia and hair loss.

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