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Thursday, June 8, 2023

King County Elections To Host Virtual Workshops For Candidates On How To Run For Office

King County Elections (KCE) will host four virtual workshops for those interested in running for office.

Information covered will include how to file for office, key deadlines, submitting the local voters’ pamphlet statement, voter lists, and much more. The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) will go over basic campaign disclosure requirements.

At the session on April 20, the City of Seattle and Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission will cover Seattle-specific information such as the Democracy Voucher program and City campaign disclosure requirements.

Candidate filing week is from May 15 to May 19, with the deadline to withdraw the following Monday, May 22. With over 320 offices subject to the election, KCE anticipates 650-700 candidates will file to run in 2023. Candidates are encouraged to file online. 

To find other resources available for candidates, visit the KCE website.

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