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Mount Zion Baptist Church Women’s Ministry Launches Their 81st Women’s Celebration

The Mount Zion Baptist Church Women’s Ministry recently kicked off their 81st Women’s Celebration. Co-chaired by Deacon Darlene Hobbs and Sister Catherine Marshall, the Women’s Ministry has created an unforgettable experience observing this year’s celebration. The theme of this year’s celebration is, “Rejoice in the Lord in Times of Uncertainties”, based from the scripture Philippians 4:3-7. All events are open to the public and there are no fees to attend.

Sister Elma Horton led a heartfelt teleconference Prayer Event to start the Women’s celebration on Saturday, January 28.

This Saturday, Feb. 11 the celebration will continue as the African American Writers Alliance will perform a poetry reading, specifically written from the inspiration of this year’s celebration theme – “Rejoice in the Lord in Times of Uncertainties” from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm at Mt. Zion. Dr. Georgia McDade is the chair of this event, and she has worked with the writers to create this one-of-a-kind presentation.

In addition to the poetry reading on Saturday, Feb. 11, the following events will be held in March:

• Rebecca “Becky” Anderson will chair an Intergenerational Prayer service on Wednesday, March 22.

• On Friday, March 24, there will be a Women’s Workshop, co-chaired by Sisters Sarah J. E. Dean and Winona Hollins-Hauge, that will feature some of the leading voices in our community to share their lived experiences with all of us.

• On Sunday, March 26, the featured speaker of the 81st Women’s Celebration will speak at the 10:00 am worship service, as the culminating event of the celebration.

Mount Zion Baptist Church is located at 1634 19th Avenue in Seattle. Rev. Dr. Phyllis R. Beaumonte is the President of Mount Zion Baptist Women’s Ministry.

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