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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sarah Dean Elected Regional Coordinator For The National Council Of Negro Women

Sarah J. E. Dean, a member of the Mount Zion Women’s Ministry, was recently elected Regional Coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Regional Alliance of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW).

The Rocky Mountain Regional Alliance (RMRA) was formed as a coalition of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Nebraska, and Washington and reflects the spirit and vision of NCNW founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune; Dr. Dorothy I. Height, President Emerita; and National Chair and President, Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole. Dean, President of the Seattle Section of NCNW, also serves on the national membership committee, and is a life member and charter member of Dr. Johnetta Cole’s President’s Circle. 

The Seattle Section recently hosted their 2021 virtual symposium. Keynote speakers included Diane Larché and Dr. Lois Keith, Membership Co-Chairs and Dr. Helena Johnson, 2nd Vice-President from the National NCNW Executive Board. The symposium panel topics focused on health, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, youth, and social justice. Panelists included Dr. Pamela Collins, Dr. Wendy Barrington, Dr. Chalon Ervin, Dr. Kim Holland, Monika Mathews, Karimah Stewart, Chardonnay Beaver, Regina Glenn, Zenovia Harris, Tanya Jimale, Vazaskia Crockrell and Attorneys Victoria Elleby and Pamela Herndon. Attendees were blessed by inspirational words from Poet Laureate, Dr. Mona Lake Jones and the musical talents of Josephine Howell, Teriauna Duran, Rev. Aleteena Rogers, and Cherie Rowe-Proctor. Toyia Taylor, Executive Director of We.APP, presented the voices of our youth.

In addition to Dean, Judy Obodougo was elected as secretary; Meko Lawson, CEO/Founder of Professional Women of Color Network, was elected communications coordinator and Sherry Delaney was re-elected as Chaplain.

“I am excited to lead the Rocky Mountain Region and look forward to focusing on issues impacting our community,” said Dean. “This sisterhood has strengthened our sections as we seek to lead, advocate, and empower. Membership is open to all who are interested in improving the lives of African American women, families, youth and our community.” For more information on the local NCNW section, please visit their website, www.ncnwseattle.org.

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