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Seattle Prepares For 2026 FIFA World Cup

It is all in motion for one of the biggest sports stages in the world. Seattle will host the World Cup in 2026. Now, it is time to get the city ready. Officials and organizers will have to come together. This will include every entity from the city and county to the state and private partners. Homeland Security and FIFA will also be a part of making this all happen. The Seattle FIFA World Cup flag will fly atop the Space Needle into the evening hours. The Seattle organizing committee for the FIFA event recently unveiled the logo.

Officials are still looking to find out how many games will be held in the Pacific Northwest town. The size of this undertaking is massive to say the least. The could include up to five or six “Super Bowl-sized” games at Lumen Field. Televised all over the world,  the minimum audience for a World Cup match is 200 million people. That minimum exceeds the Super Bowl by 25 million. 

Seattl is not the only city that will host the FIFA World Cup. Fifteen other cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico woll also host the 2026 World Cup. Seattle, Vancouver,  LA, San Fran, Monterrey are west cost city hosts. Three cities in Mexico and two Canadian cities are also hosting.

This event is seen by many as a huge economic benefit for the city. Seattle is no stranger to big events as many love the robust city. This summer it will host the MLB All-Star Game and the NHL Winter Classic on Jan. 1. Busunesses have been complaining about crime. The FIFA World Cup 2026 is one of many reasons the city’s leadership will press the gas on improving the city. Homeless encampments will be an embarrassing image if not solved. 

This fall will be when more answers will come as to  how many games will be received in the new, expanded format. Seattle’s World Cup 2026 organizing committee seems to be readyvto make the big leaps it will take to pull off this huge undertaking. The new Seattle FIFA World Cup 2026 flag will fly at the top of the Space Needle.

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