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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Seattle Ranks No. 7 in the Country for Cost of Commuting

Gas prices are high along with inflation and Seattle commuters are paying high prices. A recent study from autoinsurance.org found that Seattle ranks No. 7 in the country for most expensive commutes around town. The amount of time was only one factor. The average daily commute time in Seattle is 28 minutes. 

The study shows that the annual cost to Seattle drivers is $9,790. The cost of living on the west coast is always high. The cities at the top of the top 10 list are on the coast. Fremont and San Francisco in California were listed the most expensive commutes in the country. Fremont’s annual commute is 36.4 minutes and costs $15,005, while San Francisco’s is 34.7 minutes and costs $13,015.

On the other side of the country, Jersey City ranked third on the list followed by Arlington, Va., New York, San Jose, Seattle, Irvine, Calif., Oakland and Chicago.

Looks like the study had Lubbock, Texas as the least expensive commute belongs to Lubbock, followed by Laredo, Texas. Lubbock’s average daily commute is 16.2 minutes and costs $2,874 annually.

Seattle was given some ink in the study  The report’s blurb on Seattle said the following:

-Annual average commute cost: $9,790

-Mean travel time to work: 28

-Weekly average hours worked: 39

-Median workers’ yearly salary: $81,290

Incomes are growing in Seattle,  but not enough to match expenses. Seattle, Washington’s cost of living is constantly rising. It could be worse. The mean travel time to work is lower, at 28 compared to other cities. The median earnings of workers is $81,290 per year, which is one of the highest incomes for all cities and towns on this list.

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