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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

SPS And BSD Closed On Thursday, November 11th And Friday, November 12th

SEATTLE — Staff shortages have been an issue among school districts across the country, and local school districts are unfortunately facing the same problems.

Public schools in Bellevue and Seattle will be closed on Friday, November 12 due to staff shortages. According to a letter sent to families, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) announced that on Friday, SPS employees will be taking leave.

“Schools will be closed due to staff shortages, expected bad weather, and COVID 19 restrictions,” according to the Bellevue School District (BSD). A makeup day is set for January 28.

“As of last week, more than 600 educators had requested a substitute and additional requests came in this week,” SPS said, when talking with King 5 TV. “Based on historical patterns, it is likely many additional staff would take leave and not come in on Friday morning. With the current labor shortage of substitutes, and our current staffing levels, SPS does not have the capacity to ensure student safety and high-quality learning.”

This short notice day off, in combination with Veterans Day on Thursday, will result in a four-day weekend for BSD and SPS students and staff, but is leaving families scrambling for answers and day care for students. Right at School, BSD’s partner in providing childcare, is available to those families who need assistance.

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