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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The End Of Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

windows xp logoBy Adam Myers

Senior PC Tech, SP Computer Services

It was October 25, 2001, when Microsoft released its Windows XP operating system. Unlike any of its previous systems, this one was set to revolutionize the world. This one was fast, stable and was the first OS (Operating System) from the software giant to support a 64bit processor. Home and Professional versions offered in 25 languages gave a range of options for the home user and the office professional. Other versions (launched in 2002) included the Media Center Edition (allowing you the opportunity to watch live television) and a Tablet Edition (with the ability to use a digital pen).

Next week, Microsoft will essentially shut off the lights on Windows XP and Office 2003. This means Microsoft will not offer any support for these products after April 8, 2014. So if your computer is running Windows XP and you continue to use after the end date, you will be opening the door for viruses, malicious software (Malware) and spyware to enter your computer. Microsoft’s security team has been writing programs in the form of patches and updates to fighting these threats. However, since they are no longer offering support for these products, your system will have no defense against new threats to your computer.


The only way to protect your computer(s) is to choose one of two options. 1) Purchase a “new” computer. 2) If your computer’s hardware supports an upgrade to Windows 8 (not version 8.1), then you can upgrade and keep all data and applications. If your computer just needs a memory upgrade before the Windows 8 upgrade, then I think it would be worth it rather than buying a new computer. Please note that if you upgrade to version 8.1 you may lose all of your applications, so make sure that you are installing Windows 8 only if you want to keep them.

Please pass this on to all (this includes small businesses) who may be using Windows XP. Remember, they can call or take their computer to their local friendly computer shop if they have any questions.

TechTip: Make sure you are keeping up on installing windows updates. Some update are “important” and others are “optional”.

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