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Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Importance Of Sisterhood

Jamie Elmore

By Jamie Elmore

As I look back over my Alopecia Hair loss journey, I realized I experienced unnecessary trauma and heartache due to the lack of sisterhood being present in my life during that time. I believe I would have avoided and not endured so much pain had I been more open, transparent and free of self- guilt. I did not understand how important it was for me to tap into or create a sisterhood during one of the most challenging times in my life.

Yes, I had friends but I held back and surmise how they would receive my truth and the reality of my current situation. I assumed that they would judge me, not embrace or support me. I had a sisterhood of women that loved me. But I chose the negative thoughts, the inner assumptions; I chose to believe the worst in people. I was unfair to myself and to them. They were always there; I just hesitated in giving them a chance.

What is Sisterhood?

  • A healthy relationship with other women.
  • An association of community of women linked by a common interest.
  • The solidarity of women based upon shared experiences, conditions or concerns.
  • A bond between 2 or more women not related by blood. Yet they tell the truth and honor each other.
  • Women that celebrate you and speak positive things into your life.
  • Women that you can confide in and share your secrets without judgment.
  • Women that can complement you and mean it from their heart.

Our past experiences, fears and disappointments don’t allow us to recognize and or cultivate new or old relationships with women.

Yes, we have been hurt in the past!

Yes, she said she would not tell anyone!

Yes, I know you just met her, how can you open yourself up to a total stranger. God did not create us to go through our trials and triumphs alone. We do not have to suffer in silence! We need each other!

Forgive yourself and the other women if you have misunderstood or broken the trust in your past friendships. Open up and try again! You can be the woman and create the sisterhood that you long for.

Jamie Elmore, founder of the Alopecia Support Group (www.alopeciasupport.org), “I am more than my hair.”

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