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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Trader Joe’s Agrees To Pay Over $44,500 For Alleged Violations Of Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) recently announces a settlement with Trader Joe’s Company of $44,528.22 to be paid to 129 employees to resolve claims for civil penalties and fines under Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Ordinance.

Following OLS’s inquiry, Trader Joe’s Company agreed to an informal resolution under the Secure Scheduling Ordinance, settling allegations that it failed to post work schedules with 14 days advance notice between May and October 2021.

Trader Joe’s Company also agreed to undergo labor standards training and create and distribute a Secure Scheduling policy to employees.

“I think it is important to know your rights as a worker and not to be discouraged when it seems like no one is there to help,” said a current Trader Joe’s Co. Employee. “OLS responded when we realized something was inconsistent with our employer and the secure scheduling ordinance and did all the work to uphold our rights as workers.”

“I am really glad that I and a few of my coworkers were keyed into our rights, talked to each other, compared experiences, and were able to actually affect the company. I really hope that going forward in the future, my coworkers can collaborate more, and hopefully, Trader Joe’s can’t just violate workers’ rights anymore,” said a former Trader Joe’s Co. Employee.

“The Secure Scheduling Ordinance is doing exactly what it’s meant to do – protect workers by giving them predictability and stability with their work schedules and hourly incomes,” said OLS Director Steve Marchese. “This informal resolution should be an example to other businesses who may be out of compliance. OLS staff are also available to support businesses with free technical assistance and training to help them understand their obligations under Seattle’s ordinances

Trader Joe’s Company is a grocery store chain with five stores and several hundred employees in Seattle, and more than 500 stores and over 50,000 employees nationwide.

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