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Saturday, May 21, 2022

What Do You Miss Most From The Seattle Of Old, Seattle Back In The Day?

I miss the Sonics. Why because they were an awesome team, perennial contenders when I was coming up. The city is not the same come basketball season. That is what I miss about the Seattle.


My favorite thing about Seattle are the long summer days, how the sun doesn’t set until well after 9 pm. Along with that, hanging out at Alki, Madison Park or Green Lake.


Life was easy. It didn’t matter what part of Seattle you lived. People excepted you for you. We had no worries. School, sports, church and who was giving the next event. We were young and free. The 80s.


I miss Seward Park on Saturdays, music playing, people mingling… And Easter Sundays at the Seattle Center. Antoinette

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