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Podcast: Garfield High School’s 2021 Football Team

Rhythm & News interview with Garfield High School Head Football Coach Reggie Witherspoon, Jr. about the team's 2021 season, their victory over Rainier Beach and the unique combination of talent at all grade levels, including freshmen, on this year's varsity football team.

Podcast – Protecting Renters From Discrimination

Rhythm & News interview with Ian Warner, public policy director with Zillow, about tools available through Zillow to help protect renters from discrimination.

Podcast: Helping Students Navigate COVID-19 Mentally And Physically

Seattle Medium/Rhythm & News interview with clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Johnson about the mental, physical and nutritional support needed for children to successully navigate online learning during COVID. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Podcast: The Seattle Community Safety Initiative

Rhythm & News interview with Paul Patu about a coalition of community groups that have come together to make the Central Area, West Seattle and Southeast Seattle safe for all residents.

Podcast: Should You Take The COVID Vaccine?

Rhythm & News interview with Dr. John Vassall and Dr. Bessie Young about the safety of the COVID vaccines that are available and whether or not people should take them and why.

Podcast: COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines And The African American Community

Rhythm & News interview with Dr. Colin Romero and Daphne Pie about COVID-19 and the African American community, testing, vaccines and resources available through Public Health - Seattle King County. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Podcast: Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Will Not Seek New Contract

Rhythm & News interview with Clyde Merriwether about Seattle Public Schools Superitendent Denise Juneau's announcement that she will not seek a new contract. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Podcast: Urban League Credit Worshop

Rhythm & News interview with Linda Taylor with the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle about their upcoming credit workshops. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Podcast: Seattle King County Public Health Events

Rhythm & News interview with Kevin Proctor with Public Health - Seattle King County about a series of upcoming events where people can get flu shots, COVID test and information on health insurance enrollment. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Podcast: Josephine Howell Talks About Her Recovery From COVID

Rhythm & News interview with Seattle Songstress Josephine Howell about her battle and recovery from COVDI-19. Interview by Chris B. Bennett.

Latest News

From Tragedy To Triumph: A Way Forward Toward A Haitian Government Of National Inclusion And Unity

Tragedy and triumph is a recurring theme in the history of Haiti, the world’s first Black Republic.

Businesses Are Taking A Stand On Vaccines

As the Delta variant surges around the country, Corporate America is taking a stand on vaccinations. Johnny Taylor, president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, explains the conditions employees will face if they aren't vaccinated against Covid-19.

‘It’s Like We Don’t Matter’

The European Union pledged to curb carbon emissions -- but a loophole in the directive leaves companies to pollute Black communities and devastate ecosystems in the American South.

What’s Different About The Delta Variant? Here’s What’s Known

The Delta variant, originally known as B.1.617.2, has been around since late last year but in recent months it has become speedily dominant in many countries. It accounts for more than 80% of newly diagnosed cases in the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mayor Durkan Proposes Comprehensive Budget Plan To Address SPD Hiring, Reduce Gun Violence, And Invest In Alternatives

Following Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s and Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz recent announcements on gun violence and alternatives to policing, Mayor Durkan is transmitting an ordinance to City Council that allows SPD and other city departments to move forward a series of broadly supported initiatives to comprehensively address the public safety challenges facing our community.