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Getting Around This Summer On Transit

Gas prices are high and looks like it will be a hot summer. Getting from place to place should not be the problem. From Tacoma to Seattle residents may want to take the train. It is economical. Busses, however may be the cheapest or fastest way to get around.

The 1-Line is a good choice for travelers who just arrived at Tacoma-Seattle International Airport. There are multiple options to get around. The Link Light Rail is conveniently free. That’s right, free. It goes from one end of Tacoma’s downtown to the other. The transit covers these six stops: the Tacoma Dome, South 25th Street, Union Station, the Convention Center, South 11th Street, and the Theater District.

Some enjoying the city or going to appointments will be looking to access Seattle by express. The 594 is your best option. It has a direct route that runs through Tacoma and then into the center of Seattle. Buses in the Tacoma Seattle Area charge $2.25 per ride or $4.50 for the day for adults. Riders can pay in cash or with their Orca Card.

-Adult (19 – 64) – $2.25(Single-Ride) $4.50 (Day Pass)
-Youth (6 – 18) – $1.50(Single-Ride) $3.00 (Day Pass)
-Seniors (65+)/RRFP* – $1.00(Single-Ride) $2.00 (Day Pass)
-Children 5 and Under – Free
-ORCA LIFT+ – $1.50(Single-Ride) $3.00 (Day Pass)

The Orca Card is your pass to cheap movement around. To Get an Orca Card, you can go online at – myORCA.com, or Reduced Fare Portal
Retail Outlets, Vending Machines, and Customer Service Offices – Find all the places you can get an ORCA card! Phone – 888-988-6722 / WA Relay: 711. By Mail – Print the order form (PDF) and mail to: ORCA Regional Mail Center KSC TR-0108 201 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98104

1-Line, formerly Central Link, is a light rail line that runs from Tacoma to Seattle. This line services 19 stations in the cities of Seattle, SeaTac, and Tukila. This line is nearly 25 miles (40 km). It is also one of the easiest ways to get from the airport into the city. This system offers 20-hour-a-day service from Monday to Saturday, and 18-hour service on Sundays.

The Link Light Rail is up and running all year and even offers free parking at the Link garage located next to the Tacoma Dome Station. Travels can expect a 12-minute wait at worst between trains on the Link Light Rail. The Link Light Rail can be used to transport travelers to their connector for when they head into Seattle.

The fastest and most convenient means of public transit while in the Tacoma and Seattle area are busses. Making use of special road lanes and express lanes, the buses make much of the area accessible even without a car. They are also quite affordable, though they can’t always avoid all the Traffic issues that inevitably occur around Seattle and Tacoma.

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