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Jackson To Receive 2013 YWCA GirlsFirst Community Leadership Award

web - douglass-jackson      The YWCA has selected Dr. Douglass Jackson as the recipient of the 2013 GirlsFirst Community Leadership Award, for his outstanding guidance and positive leadership development for girls of color in our region.

      YWCA GirlsFirst is a program that encourages leadership, instills confidence, develops skills and provides opportunities to girls of color in high school. Through summer internships, mentoring, and activities focused on community involvement and exposure to higher education, YWCA GirlsFirst is committed to helping young women succeed in school and in life.

      “As sponsor of the GirlsFirst internship program at Seattle Children’s for three years, Dr. Jackson has been one of our most engaged volunteers,” said Patricia Hayden, selection committee chair and YWCA senior director of specialized and integrated services. “ His efforts to advance the YWCA mission—to empower women and eliminate racism—are helping create a more equitable society.”

      “I’ve supported YWCA GirlsFirst for many years and am humbled by this honor,” said Dr. Jackson. “I believe that exposing youth of color to careers that are new to them, and connecting them with professionals who can help them reach their goals, will create a workforce in the healthcare industry—and others—that better reflects our diverse community.”

      Community members are invited to attend the YWCA GirlsFirst award presentation on Nov. 7 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Northwest African American Museum.

For more Information on the program, call (206) 461-4481.

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