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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Second Generation Coach Billy Meneese Is All About Being A Billy Meneese For Kids

By RayJaun Stelly, The Seattle Medium

Despite starting the season 0-2 in the Northwest Premier Junior Football League’s 8U division, Renton Rangers Head Coach Billy Meneese, now coaching in his seventh season, looks to continue to be a leader in the community and positive influence on upcoming youth. Gaining the confidence and knowledge from his late father Billy G. Meneese, who influenced and molded him into the coach that he has become today, Meneese looks to provide guidance, wisdom and positive outcomes for youth in our community.

“My father passing is a big reason for me coaching,” said Meneese. “I’ve been coaching for seven years, and I do not plan on stopping. I love kids, they’re the future, it’s a joy when you can teach these kids something and they can act on it.”

More than just a coach, Meneese wears many hats as he’s in the entertainment business. From being an artist to performer, producer, and event planning, Meneese says his most important job is being a father. With two kids by the name of Amiyah Meneese and Billy King Ace Meneese, he understands how important it is to be a positive influence to his players.

Growing up here in Washington, Meneese was once a kid who played little league football. Playing for the Rainier Eagles, Kent Knights, and the Renton Rangers as a youth, Meneese now sees the bigger picture as a coach outside of winning and losing football games.

When asked how coaching has made him a better person, Meneese responded by saying, “it made me a better listener and learner for the upcoming future. Some kids don’t have the father figure in their lives, so as coach I try my best to guide them in right direction.”

Understanding that today’s youth have extreme access to things they shouldn’t be privy to at their young ages, Meneese’s main message to his players is, “to be leaders, and think before you act because one mistake can cost you your freedom or your life.”

“I emphasize that school is everything and to respect home first,” says Meneese.

For Meneese, positively influencing kids on and off the field translates to success. In Meneese’s case, he’s been a part of three championships in seven years as a coach for the Renton Rangers program but in his eyes that doesn’t even qualify as his biggest accomplishment.

        “One of my biggest accomplishments are kids that I coached in little league, who are in high school, that walk up to me and still call me coach,” said Meneese “I’ve always told kids they can be anything they want to be if they put their minds to it.”

Looking to continue to be a role model for upcoming youth for years to come, Meneese can be seen on the sidelines every Saturday or Sunday coaching his 8U team with positivity and passion, in the same manner his father did for many years before him.

“It’s very important to me that the kids see me as a positive influence,” says Meneese. “They have questions about on and off the field activities, that’s what made me become a coach. I’ve seen how my teammates and kids would respond to my father, now I’m in his shoes, guiding them in the right direction.”

With seven years down and “a lifetime to go,” Billy Meneese is committed to coaching youth football, and with five weeks left in the 2022 season he hopes that his 8U team can get their first win of the season this Saturday, September 24against 5 Star at Renton Memorial Stadium.

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