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Friday, May 7, 2021


People Speak

What Are Your Thoughts On How The Trump Administration Has handled The Coronavirus?

Tyree… “I do not believe our president is handling the Coronavirus in any positive way. The information that he gives to the public is...

How Do You Feel About The Democratic Party With Regards To The Presidential Candidates?

Miguel... Essentially I am indifferent because they all just so divided it doesn’t matter who becames the president we’re always in the same predicament...

Do You Support The City Council Proposal To Tax Big Business?

Christine... "I think big businesses in Seattle should be paying more taxes than they are because they are partly responsible for the gentrification of...

What Are Your Thoughts On The Impeachment Trial?

Clifford Holland… I don’t think it was a trial. Any trial that I have been a part of, and I’ve gone through a couple...

Who Is Your Favorite Black History Maker And Why?

Dila… “My favorite Black heroes are the anti-slavery activist or abolitionist. I feel  like this is not really talked about enough. We always talk...

How Do You Define Success?

Natanimzeleke… “The way I define success is basically when you are happy in life, in what you are doing, it doesn’t always have to...

Have We Moved Beyond Dr. King’s Dream Or Is It Still Relevant Today?

Eddri’i Grant... “For me personally his dream is still relevant, some of it and then there is other part of it where people have...

What Do You Believe Would Be The Best Way To Finance Reparations For African Americans?

Badhatu Endale… “I’m not really sure where it should come from, but I believe it should happen and it’s long overdue and it is...

What Are You Thankful For This Holiday Season?

Anthonese… “I am thankful for my two children that are healthy. I’m thankful to be alive at the end of this year. I feel...

Do You Believe That Congress Will Impeach Donald Trump?

Kyle’jacquea Hair… “I do not think President Trump will be impeached by Congress, Because of money, power and institutionalized racism.”         Andria Harris… “I think that the house...

Latest News

Labor Secretary On Unemployment Numbers: We’re Still Recovering

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh speaks to CNN's Poppy Harlow about unemployment numbers across the country and what he thinks could be contributing to these numbers.

Liz Cambage Criticizes Lack Of Diversity In Australian Olympic Team’s Photos

Cambage, who helped Australia win bronze at the 2012 Olympics and also competed at the 2016 Games, criticized the images in a series of posts on Instagram using the hashtag #whitewashedaustralia .

‘A Comeback For Travel’: Summer Vacations Expected To Boom

U.S. travel experts think that the summer of 2021 could be close to travel levels before the pandemic. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.

Tiffany Haddish Offers Advice For Those Looking To Break Into Comedy

In a recent interview with CNN the comedian turned actress gave some advice for anyone looking to break into comedy.

Keith A. Perry Named The New Executive Director Of The National Dental Association

“We’re very excited to have him aboard, said NDA Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher, D.D.S.” “Keith is a talented, nationally recognized association executive with over 30 years of highly relevant leadership experience in the political, governmental, nonprofit and association sectors.”